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The Technology Used To Build Bounie




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The following is a high level breakdown of the technology I have used to develop and deploy Bounie! Codebase: - Next.js: I really enjoy working with this framework and the ease of deploying both the frontend and backend on Vercel - NextAuth: A great user authentication library, currently I only support signing in with Google - MUI: This is a new favourite of mine. I used to be all about writing pure custom scss for my websites but recently I discovered MUI and have fallen in love with it. No more class names! I strongly suggest you check it out if you are looking for a great way to style your components. - Prisma: This is my goto library for querying my DB. It reminds me of working with Laravel query builder back in the day. Infrastructure: - PostgreSQL: The DB I decided to go with. I love working with SQL queries. - Render: The platform I use to host my DB. I really like Render, its super easy to get up and running with. - Vercel: Since this is a Next.js site it made sense to go with Vercel for hosting. I love their UI and they have pretty generous pricing for new websites with a moderate amount of traffic. - Backblaze B2: A much cheaper S3 compatible file hosting service. Its been a breeze to work with and they even offer free downloads if you use Cloudflare DNS for serving the files. - Cloudflare: The DNS choice I decided to go with to setup a Proxy for Backblaze. Cloudflare is full of rich features, although many of them I can't take advantage of since they require setting up a Proxy, which Vercel recommends not doing with there service since it can cause some big issues, especially with your cache. That sums up the technology I use at a high level. Although I can't forget to mention JavaScript. This site is using JavaScript from top to bottom. I decided to go with JavaScript instead of TypeScript because I'm the only developer working on Bounie at the moment, so I would not derive much value from the types since I've coded everything myself. But if more developers work on Bounie in the future, transitioning to TypeScript would definitely be something to consider. But for now JavaScript all the way!



a year ago
Just a nice GIF, no binary was used for this website lol



a year ago

Wow, I'm really impressed by the technology used to build Bounie. It's amazing how the website allows users to contribute and build out a full story. The dynamic feeds of engaging content are really easy to follow and make it so much more enjoyable to stay up to date with the news. It's great to see platforms like Bounie that are innovating the way we consume news.

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